Longcheng Hightech started to produce and supply high-viscosity PVB

In October, 2015, Longcheng Hightech established a production line for 3000 M/Tons high-viscosity PVB per year. Its high-viscosity PVB resins are widely applied in the fields of construction laminated glass, automobile safety glass, solar photovoltaic components encapsulation film, etc.

2015 high viscosity production

Till now, Longcheng Hightech’s PVB resins have covered all grades from low viscosity to high viscosity.

High viscosity PVB: SD-74

indicator unit SD-74
1 Appearance White powder
2 Volatile content ≤2
3 Acid value mgKOH/g  ≤0.08
4 Hydroxy content 18-22
5 Butyral content 76-81
6 Bulk density g/m³ 0.2-0.3
7 Melting value g/10min 0.8-2.0
8 Haze ≤0.4
9 Viscosity,20℃,10% mpa.s 700-1200
10     Viscosity,20℃,10% s 80-130
11 Yellowing test Not turning yellow


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