Guests from SIEGWERK GROUP visited Chengdu Longcheng Hightech

Guests from SIEGWERK visited Chengdu Yu Long Chemical Company

On November 13th , guests from SIEGWERK, the third biggest ink supplier in the world, visited Chengdu Yu Long Chemical Company. The guests are Dr. Arash Babai, CPO of German branch office, Dr. Bjorn Ewig, CPO of American branch office, Dr. Ling Jason, CPO of Asia-Pacific branch office, and Dr. Scot Pedesen, TD of American branch office. They had a visit of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) production line and gave a high appraisal to the production technique, the formula technology and the quality of PVB after they inquired in detail about the production management, producing process monitoring and product quality of it.

Long Cheng Company Shengweike visited the news (1)Long Cheng Company Shengweike visited the news (2)

Then they visited the company exhibition hall with curiosity, showing that they have great interest in the company’s history, development strategies, technology research and development, and corporate culture. In the end, they took group photos with the company leaders.

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